Super CSS Guide - Landing

Super CSS Guide - Landing

Your copy and paste code snippets guide for Notion & Super ⚡ websites

Improve your Notion websites look with using this CSS Library



Tired of your Notion website looking plain and not interesting? Tired of struggling with CSS and spending hours trying to make your Notion pages look great?

This Super CSS Guide is designed to make it easier by providing you with a wide variety of code snippets that you can copy and paste into your Notion websites⚡ With this guide, you can save up to +50% of the total costs of developing a Custom Notion Website including time, expenses and resources.


Frequently Asqued Questions

Do I need a Notion account to use it?

→ Yes. I mean, if you’re creating a “Notion Website” is the first thing you need. Also, I’d suggest you to keep the URL handy and not duplicate the template, to get lifetime updates and fixes in the future!

Disclaimer: This is not an official Super product, but it has been reviewed and given feedback by the official team and its 100% validated and guarantied

How do I use the template?

→ This is a Step-by-Step instructions guide, so you'll have everything you need for every snippet inside.

Is this a Super / Website template?

→ No. It is a Notion template which includes 45 custom CSS library code snippets to apply and customize into a Super website + 47 Extra external resources to keep improving your skills

Who is this template for?

→ This Notion template is a good case scenario for:

  • Those who want to customize certain things on your site, but you seen limited options on the Theme Designer in Super.
  • Those CSS enthusiasts who are constantly updating their Super site with custom code.
  • Those who wants to create a Notion Website without having a “Notion-Page-Look”




💡Think 🔨 Develop ⚡ Execute Conceptualizing ideas into brands and turning basic Notion pages into professional custom branded websites.


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